Girls's Party

Be sure to succeed in your Girls's Party by surprising your friends with these beers.

Believe me, they cannot leave you indifferent.



 It seems that Curtius is from a Principality... Lead a life of luxury and taste this beer brewed from first quality products.



This red color beer will bring you all the sweetness you need. His cherry-flavour will be all revealed when the tasting temperature is at 4°C.


Léopold 7

With an eco friendly bottle and a super design, Leopold 7 would inspire you some decoration ideas.


Blanchette de Gaume

Blanchette de Gaume is perfect for your friend who loves lemon-flavoured. Refreshing, it will help her to reveal more gossips.



This pack contains :


3x Curtius

3x Chérie

3x Léopold 7

3x Blanchette de Gaume

To order this pack : Click Here


To have fun at any moment, watch this video ;) : Here


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