Valentine's day Pack

 Ename Triple

A strong beer but as sweet too with a peachy aftertaste. 

Léopold 7

Spicy, refreshing, eco friendly and a such good design ! The perfect beer to drink in the summer time.


First seduced by its bottle and format, Curtius is an easy-drinking beer but so tasty as well.

Straffe Hendrik

I was intrigued with this half moon on the capsule. I've smelled it,... I thought this beer wasn't for me. I've tasted it, I'm now captivated.

Organic' Triple

This beer has a special rank.. My friend brewed it and he has considered my opinion in the elaboration. Tasty and floral... I love it !

Troubadour Westkust

This beer made me up with the 'black' beers. With its sweetness, i was cpativated. Now, it's my reference.

Duvel Triple Hop

An extra-hoppy beer, for the flowers lover.

Mc Chouffe

For the "Mc Lovers", brown beer with a little bitterness.

Kasteel Rouge

When we mix the cherries with a Kasteel Donker, we get a strong fruity beer, but so sweet.


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