Perfect Match



    Pre dinner drink – Deus


What a  better way to start a meal than with a beer with Champagne bubbles ?

After brewing in Belgium, by Bosteels brewery, this beer is then treated like the best French Champagne !


     Starter – Blanche de Namur


Don’t destroy your palate (and your mind ;) )with a strong beer for the starter. Go step by step. The Blanche de Namur will go well with a fish or some foie gras. This sweet and refreshing beer will delight all your guest.


    Main course – Oude kriek Boon


You have planned a red meat, like a duck breast for your meal ? Conterbalance the strenght of the meat with an acid beer who will be perfect to balance your palate. The duck breast will go perfectly with a cherry sauce and oude Kriek.


    Cheese – Delirium Tremens


It’s cheese’s time J Delirium Tremens will bring a few of spice with its big bubbles and the pepper flavor. Will refresh your mouth and break the « fat » of the cheese for a balance tasting.


  Dessert – Troubadour Stout


You really want to do your favorite chocolate cake but you have no idea of what to drink with it ?

With strong flavors of chocolate & coffee, Troubadour stout will be the perfect match !

NB : Did you know 10% of black malt is enough to create a stout ?


This pack contains :


2xDeus 75

2x Blanche de Namur 75

2x OUde Kriek Boon 75

1x Delirium Tremens

1x Troubadour stout


2 Glasses free

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