First Beer Kit

 Taras Boulba 

An imporvised raclette tonight ? Great ! But what can you drink ? Bring freshness to this meal with Taras Boulba. A light, but generously hopped beer. A Perfect balance between bitterness of beer and cheese.


M. Rock 

Some beer' experts are blowing in and you want to impress them ? Offer them M. Rock. This beer is brewed by Jean-Marie Rock, the old Orval' brewer.


 Achel & Westmalle Triple 

Rule N°1 : Always have some trappist beer.


Straffe Hendrik 75cl 

A beer so tasty that it would be shameful to not share it with your friends ! 


Saxo Bio 

Beacuse beer can be organic too! This organic beer is a pretty blond with an abundant white foam and citrus flavors.


Rince Cochon Rouge 

Taste it as a pre dinner drink. Both men & women will enjoy it.


This pack contains :

4xTaras Boulba



2xWestmalle triple

1xStraffe Hendrik 75cl

2xSaxo bio

4xRince cochon rouge



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