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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Did you know there are 10 Trappist Beers in the world.

Six of them are from Belgium (Orval - Chimay - Rochefort - Westmalle - Westvleteren - Achel).

The others are from Netherlands, US and Austria.

There are 3 conditions to get this designation : the beer must be brewed by a trappist monk, in a trappist abbey. And a part of the incoming must be devoted to a social association.

 Did you know beer has many benefits.

The beer contains soluble fibre wich is good for your digestion. The fiber contained in beer can help to reduce the bad cholesterol. The beer increase your vitamine B level. It helps to get stronger bones and so struggle against the osteoarthritis.

Beer reduces the risk of heart attack and prevent from cardiovascular disease and diabete.

The hop contained in the beer help for your anxiety.

And the yeast is a natural pro biotic, wich is good for your hairs, nails and skin.

Did you know the bitterness of your beer is found in the hop flower. 

Did you know the name "Mort Subite" (who means sudden death) is from a famous game who was played in a bar in Brussels.

Did you know you can use beer to tenderise meat.


Cheers ;-) 

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