Bourgogne des Flandres blonde

Brasserie Timmermans
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Bourgogne des Flandres Blonde pays homage to the belfry depicted on its label. The renowned mellow brown ale now shares this distinction with a subtle light blonde which is top-fermented and refermented in the bottle. Connoisseurs describe it as an exceptional beer that is worthy of the great beer-producing nation that it is proud to call home. This veritable nectar, produced using know-how that has been honed over the centuries, is sure to delight the palate. Its dark alter ego is markedly peppery. The blonde variety showcases the full might of its bitterness beginning at the very first sip which then also expands across the full palate. Its distinct bitterness slightly masks its true alcohol content especially in the aftertaste. The finish is very sour, dry and short-lived.

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